Overhaul Services



Complete disassembly, all dents removed, all rotten parts replaced, brazed, or patched if necessary. Valve casings trued, pistons/rotors may be precision honed and re-fit (valve overhaul extra cost) all parts reassembled, fit to tightest possible tolerances and soldered. All parts refinished to bright buffed or satin finish, re-lacquer or re-plating, reassembled to factory specs, compression test, playtest. 

*Re-engraving is extra cost.


Includes complete disassembly of all parts including pads and corks.  Removal of lacquer/plating. All dents removed, body is straightened, tone holes brought to true and leveled, key cups leveled, keys refit and swedged, all parts refit to tightest possible tolerance. All parts refinished to bright buffed, or satin finish, re-lacquered/re-plated, complete re-pad (see re-pad service).

*Re-engraving is extra cost

Woodwind Re-pad

Includes complete disassembly of all parts, removal of all corks, felts, pads, and other adjustment materials and adhesive. Complete ultrasonic/chem clean (see ultrasonic/chem clean service for description). Minor body dents are removed, all key cups and tone holes are leveled and trued (may incur extra cost if severe damage). All pads, corks, felts, and other adjustment materials are replaced. Custom pad choices are available (see pad replacement description). Keys are lightly re-fit, (swedging and heavy key fitting will incur extra cost, priced per instrument), full mechanical regulation with all parts being adjusted and oiled with high quality natural and synthetic oils and materials. (Materials:  High quality Portuguese natural cork, shrive cut cork, pressed cork, felt, pressed felt, synthetic felt, leather, suede leather, Teflon, Gummi cork).  All instruments are play tested by a professional musician for quality assurance.

Pricing - coming soon